Sooner or later everyone who works with  Photoshop succumbs to the temptation to muck about with their images with some gratuitous digital effects. Thankfully once the novelty has worn off, most people sensibly restrain image manipulation to bringing out the best in their photographs. 

Once in a while however, an idea prompts some digital exploration; in this case I was reviewing some images which I had taken because the texture or pattern of a natural subject interested me. In looking at the images together it occurred to me that there were certain similarities in form between some of the subjects, and this led me to experiment with combining images of inorganic and organic subjects.

All of the in_organics images were created using the same basic approach. A foundation image of rock texture or pattern  (the inorganic) was overlaid with a number of images of trees, leaves or other organic subjects. A variety of layer blending modes and layer masks were then used to produce the final images shown here.

To browse the images click the link below; clicking the in_organics graphic on each page will return you to here.

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Update: further in_organics images are now available at nickgalleryHD


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