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The galleries contain images on mountain, coastline and urban themes. You can wander back and forward through the galleries by using the buttons under the images.

From time to time I'll also be adding some separate photo-essays of images that don't appear in the gallery. Current essays are  Afon Mellte,   Pembrokeshire 02 and Pembrokeshire 2003. This section also includes the in_organics collection of images exploring combinations of organic and inorganic texture, form and colour.

You can preview thumbnails of all pictures in the galleries on the preview pages. Select the theme and gallery that you want to view and then click on any image to go direct to that picture in the gallery.
This section contains a number of articles with technical information on Photoshop methods for stitching together panorama images, controlling contrast, monochrome conversions and other techniques. Some articles have Photoshop actions which you can download and use with your own images.
Some other sites that I admire that you might like to visit.