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All the landscapes on the following pages have been created using images either from a fairly simple digital camera (Canon PowerShot S20) or the more complex and versatile Canon D30 and 10D SLRs, with varying degrees of post-processing in Photoshop. In creating these images many factors have come into play in influencing the way the final version turns out. Sometimes the object is to recreate what was seen, sometimes the task is also to try and recreate what was felt.
It is the constant changing of the light that attracts, and sometimes frustrates, me as a landscape photographer and drives a continual effort to capture the full beauty, drama or tranquility of what was seen though the camera. In all landscapes what is seen and what is felt are intimately linked. The lasting impression one takes away is always the combination of the solid and the fluid, the earth and the changing light.
The locations of the images vary widely from urban to wilderness settings. It is not always necessary to walk far to discover the beauty in a landscape. Sometimes the same feelings can be had in the tranquility of early morning in a normally busy urban setting as can be experienced alone in the mountains in the midst of a winter storm. It is the way you look at something that counts, not what you are looking at. I believe this is what distinguishes the photographer from the passer-by.
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Nick Thomas ARPS

Stob a Choire Odhair and Stob Ghabhar