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I've received many of enquires on how the images on this site were created, particularly the techniques used for stitching together images in Photoshop to make panoramas and infrared conversions.

The methods described in this section are those that I have found by trial and error to give results which please me. However remember that when you are using software as powerful as Photoshop there is almost always at least one alternative way of achieving the same result, and that experimenting is the best way to learn.

The procedures described can be adapted for use with some other image manipulation software apart from Photoshop, however not all packages will offer the ability to use all of the tools described. Consult your software's manual for further guidance.

Photoshop Actions

Some of the procedures described in the technical section have Photoshop actions which you can download and use on your own images. To use these actions click on the actions link and save the actions file to your desktop. Open the Photoshop actions palette and click on the menu arrow (circled in red below) and click on 'Load actions...'. Navigate to your desktop, select the actions file and click the load button. Now open the image(s) you want to work on and click the play arrow at the bottom of the actions palette.

Note - if you are using a Mac you may experience problems downloading the actions. If so, you may get better results by using 'save target as' and saving to your desk top. If you still have problems send me an email and I will send you the action(s).

Panorama Stitching

Tutorial covering manual stitching of digital images in Photoshop to create panoramic images.

Colour and Monochrome

Discussion and tutorial covering the aesthetics and practical aspects of when and how to convert colour images to monochrome.

Photoshop Monochrome Conversion Actions

Tutorial on methods for colour to monochrome conversion with Photoshop actions available for downloading.

Photoshop Infrared Conversion Actions

Tutorial on methods for infrared conversion with Photoshop actions available for downloading.

Soft Focus

Discussion and tutorial on applying soft focus to landscape images.  Photoshop actions for soft focus effects are available for downloading.

Automating Panoramas

Photoshop actions to speed up the process of making panoramas by digital stitching.

Managing Digital Image Data

Workflow for handling image EXIF data and keeping track of exposure information.

Exposure Blending

Tutorial on blending two images exposed for shadows and highlights to cover a wide dynamic range. Photoshop action to automate blending available for downloading.

Stair Interpolation

Download Photoshop actions and an Excel spreadsheet to help in the process of scaling up images for large prints.